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Our Dealers

Welcome to Absolute Yachts by Losttoys Maritime

Losttoys Maritime has been working in Ukraine under the Losttoys brand name since 2008, specialising in sales of motor yachts and boats.

We are focused on providing the most premium level of sales support and service to ensure client satisfaction, with a focus on premium boats built only to the highest standards. With its head office based in Zdolbunivska, Kyiv Region is your one stop shop for luxury and family boating.

Some of the premium services offered by us are:

  • Sales Advice and Customer-Focused Support
  • Legal advice on registration
  • Delivery of yachts
  • Driver Training
  • Yacht accessories and safety equipment
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Brokerage
  • Berthing and mooring facilitation
  • Boat storage solutions
  • Facilitation of Electronic installation and upgrades
  • Yachting fashion


Despite the objective political and war crisis existing in his Country, this dealer has pursued a constant pace of promotional activity through the time. Starting literally from zero with Absolute, he has achieved a tangible target of sales for the whole range of products, STL, Navetta and FLY.