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One star among the stars

Sailing in the night, we see a glow that is profiled to us from afar. The Absolute 56 FLY yacht is sailing in front of us!
The light that shines through the curtains of the lower deck windows reveals the magnitude of these true panoramic views: in the cabins, which are the central for the owner – full beam and the one at the bow for the guests, the eyes open on the boundless horizon of the sea. For the third cabin, the side one with two twin beds, full-height and a pair of classic round portholes offers a bit of seafaring and adventure for the young guests.

Comfortable accommodation for everyone

You can enjoy a convivial dinner with many friends, with someone accommodated at the table inside, others seated in the additional fourth sofa in the cockpit, where a second table completes comforts for the evening meal. The kitchen is strategically located just half way between the two tables.
Going a little around this hull, we appreciate even more the space: the engine system of this luxury boat offers an unrivaled balance of performance, stability, ease of use, drastically reducing consumption, together with low noise, low environmental impact and no vibrations.

«As everyone knows,
meditation and water
are wedded for ever»
Herman Melville

Technical specification

Total length

(m) 16,65

(ft) 54 04"


(m) 4,65

(ft) 15 01"

Max. persons capacity


Fresh water tank capacity

(l) 560

(gal) 147,94

Fuel tanks capacity

(l) 1700

(gal) 449,10

Fuel tanks for bigger engines

(l) 1900

(gal) 501,94

CE Type-approval




2×D6-IPS600 (2×320 Kw - 2×435 HP)

Cruising speed

(Knots) 23 aprox.

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/miles) 5,60 aprox.

(gal/miles) 129 aprox.

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/h) 1,48 aprox.

(gal/h) 34,13 aprox.



2×D11-IPS800 (2×460 Kw - 2×625 HP)

Cruising speed

(Knots) 27 aprox.

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/miles) 6,10 aprox.

(gal/miles) 164 aprox.

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/h) 1,61 aprox.

(gal/h) 43,33 aprox.

Technical features


“Denizle Randevu” 2015

The collaboration between Absolute and the Turkish dealer Deniz Yatcilik arises several years ago, in view of a constant development of the sales network, towards the emerging market economies: in fact, Turkey can be considered a real heaven for boaters, thanks to its 8.272 kilometer shore sides, and it is in this context that, in 1998, the […]

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