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Catch sight of surprises over the horizon and keep you updated about all the latest Absolute world news.


“You’re going to be deciding (…) what you will do in life, what your life’s work will be. Once you discover what it will be, set out to do it and to do it well (…) be the best of whatever you are.” Martin Luther King It is funny how the Italian word for “shipyard” (“cantiere”) comes from […]


We’re at the sixth appointment with “The Absolute Voices“, our section dedicated to the voices of the main players within Absolute Yachts’ world. Last week, we met our first European dealer; today, we continue with dealers of the old continent moving from Turkey to Central Europe. Zlatko Coskovic, Sales Manager of Baotic Yachting, takes us […]

“The Absolute Voices”. At Boot Düsseldorf 2019 on board the Navetta 48 with Rupen Meyhanecioglu of Deniz Yatcilik, Absolute dealer in Turkey

“The Absolute Voices” returns for its fifth appointment and makes us know the first European dealer of this video series:  Rupen Meyhanecioglu of Deniz Yactcilik, Absolute dealer in Turkey, interviewed at boot Düsseldorf 2019. Family-run since 1998, Deniz Yactcilik is the leading yacht leader in Turkey. Their mission is to improve the sailing experience of their customers, going beyond the simple […]

Absolute put a spell at Boot Düsseldorf 2019

“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper” William Butler Yeats To the sound of the word “abracadabra”, a red tarp has magically fallen, showing to the world “The Absolute Alchemy”, the unique magnificence of the new 62 Fly. The audience reactions? Open mouths, astonished gazes and cheers were […]

Miami Yacht Show 2019

To paraphrase Henry IV of Bourbon, King of Navarre, “Miami is worth a boat show”, for the vintage charm of the Collins Avenue in South Beach, for the post-modern glamour of the Design District, for the North Beach fitness, for the Everglades wilderness or for the Brickell high society. Well, Miami (and its surroundings) has no […]

62 FLY

What has Absolute to do with that discipline, the alchemy, between empirical science and art, aimed at the transmutation of the metal into gold? The answer came during the Boot Düsseldorf 2019. No alembics, magic potions or good luck ceremonies have been necessary to be enchanted by the beauty of the most recent Absolute Yachts […]

“The Absolute Voices”: Mr. and Mrs. Poole at Flibs with their “4SeaSons”, an Absolute 60 Fly.

For the fourth appointment of “The Absolute Yachts”, the special section that tells about Absolute Yachts’ world through the voice of its players, we approach boat owners sailing between Florida and Bahamas. At 2018 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, we meet Mr. and Mrs. Poole, owners of “4SeaSons”, an Absolute 60 Fly. With their enthusiasm, they tell us the emotions of those who have […]

“The Absolute Voices”. At FLIBS 2018 we met Jay Hendrix, General Manager of Staten Island Yachts on board the Navetta 48

For the third appointment with “The Absolute Voices”, we meet Jay Hendrix, General Manager of Staten Island Yachts Sales, at 2018 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Staten Island Yachts Sales is Absolute Yachts’ dealer and the USA Northeast’s most powerful new and used yacht dealer and brokerage firm. The company was founded in 1964 as Staten […]

“THE ABSOLUTE VOICES”. At FLIBS 2018, we met Jake Sanders of Grande Yachts International on board the 58 Fly

This is our second appointment with the “voices” of Absolute Yachts’ new weekly column. The protagonist of this meeting dedicated to some among the main players in Absolute Yachts’ world is Jake Sanders, General Manager of Grande Yachts International for the State of Florida. Grande Yachts International is a marine dealership specialized in luxury yachts […]

“The Absolute Voices”. Discovering Navetta 73 with Michael Costa of SeaNet, the Absolute Yachts’ dealer for California.

With this first publication, we initiate “The Absolute Voices”, our new section where weekly interviews will give voice to the main players of Absolute Yachts’ world. Through a very wide global network of nautical professionals, we will find out the Absolute world told from the point of view of those who live it everyday. Every […]