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Innovation is not a relative concept, it is Absolute

September 20, 2017

Imagine you are in the most glamour, up-to-date, complete and attended yachting event of the season. Imagine that you are wandering along the piers, after seeing so many hulls and decks, just searching for something never seen, something unexpected but charming and attractive. Suppose also that technology, modernity and optimization are your preferred keywords every time you address a new purchase, no matter if a functional device or a funny toy.

Guess what? Now you can stop the search, you have won: “Navetta 73” matches all your expectations.

In the modern yachting history, this is the first time that a single unit deploys an unprecedented mix of ingredients. Her skin (that is shared with the other sisters in the Navetta family) resembles that one of the traditional explorers and brave deep sea wave-piercers. “At the helm, you will feel steering facing each time new challenges.

And, as a matter of facts, she gently crosses the waves both in full displacement as well as in gliding modes, without discontinuity, without “forbidden speeds”, while keeping her proud stem always an inch from the water. This is possible thanks to the brand-new Volvo Penta D13 IPS-30 rated 1350. “You can set her throttle as per the mood of the day (or the conditions of the sea), basically without affecting the visibility from the helm, nor the total fuel consumption, nor the maneuvering ability, nor the stability: to make a long story short, she is seaworthy, indeed.”

Last, but not least, the comfort on board is simply awesome. This a twofold story: despite the number 73 could recall volumes and zones already seen onboard of many other 70’ yachts, this big one resembles to a more-than-85 motoryacht. The same is true as per the natural materials used to detail every single piece of this astonishing “building”, woods, leathers, ceramics, carbon fiber, and so on. Seeing is believing. On the other hand, soundproofing and climate control have been geared by top-notch engineering of ever. The efficiency of all the onboard devices (hydraulic, mechanics, electronics, air conditioning, navigation, communication, entertainment, …) are under the wide open eye of an integrated Boening supervising system, with remote capability. “You can plan, know and steer the whole yacht under your fingertips.”

These should have been the thoughts of the international jury of the “World Yachts Trophies 2017”, when they have assigned the “Best Innovation” award to our new flagship, “Navetta 73”, because she is The Innovation.

Enjoy her, definitely.


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