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The company


Absolute is an internationally renowned Italian company, who since 2002 operates independently under the name Absolute S.p.A., manufacturing luxury yachts in Fly and Navetta ranges from 47 to 73 feet. The greatest nautical industry experts in the world appreciate and recognize the quality of its products. The Absolute founders, Marcello Bè and Sergio Maggi, are considered as Italian modern pioneers in the creation of boats, precursors of innovation, bearers of a “futuristic vision”, but with long experience that has been cultivated under Gobbi’s brand and matured at Absolute.

The Philosophy

Absolute is a worldwide icon of creative independence, with bold Italian character and passion for yachting.
“Reaching for the Absolute” is the essence of the brand philosophy. Very few people have the ambition to strive for the absolute, and the people at Absolute are one such team. Absolute’s DNA integral to the name. Absolute: a clear and effective action, devoid of waste. Absolute is a visionary thought which became evident.



Quality: The excellence is the main purpose of our work.
Experience and innovation: Two souls of a brand who in unison are always looking to the future.
Beauty: The final result of a work method for achieving the harmony in shape and substance in each detail.
Safety: A constant of all projects.
Respect for the environment: Absolute safeguards nature, this is the reason why Absolute installs engines known for efficient performance and low environmental impact.
Efficiency: Absolute collaborates with Volvo Penta in order to maximize performance from modern engine technology and advanced propulsion systems.
Solidity: Absolute luxury yachts embody in the structures and components the same strength and reliability which permeate the company organization, its tangible and human assets, its social and cultural roots.


Absolute is an Italian-made brand. It is a synonymous with passion for yachting, sea respect and safety in every way.
Absolute strongly believes in the technologies potentials to make easier a complete boat management.
The low engine consumption, the reduced emissions and the low sound levels are a testament to the focus on nature and yacht owners.
Absolute is a brand whose spirit is nurtured by a deep passion for the ocean, which shares a forward-looking vision with the sea-lovers in order to protect future natural resources.


“Absolute Global project” is the corporate commitment to satisfy the different navigation needs and cultures in each continent of the world.

Weather trends, habits and traditions, which characterize the different corners of our planet, require a particular and productive method to take count of all of this variety. The whole range of Absolute luxury yachts provides the best navigation experience in all bodies of water around the globe.


The Italian excellence is honored with prestigious international awards. Absolute is growing nonstop.
Design awards, interior layout and innovation and the “Best European Boat of the year” are just some of prestigious awards conferred by international nautical experts to the Absolute 70STY (2010), the 53STY (2011),  the 72FLY (2012), Navetta 58 (2015), Navetta73 and 50 Fly (2017) and 58Fly (2018).

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The Italian craftsmanship experience and the most advanced shipbuilding processes complement each other.


The innovation of Absolute’s work processes is its excellence.

The Italian spirit of the “know how to create”, in addition to “know how to do”, is what distinguishes artist from artisan. In the past the studio was like a handmade scene of creativity. It was like a work cradle. With the same spirit of the past, today this studio is constantly growing and it is turning into a “shipyard” with the most evolved and advanced technologies.

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