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March 27, 2019

In a few years, there could be a humanoid friend in each family to make breakfast, walk the dog or look after the little children.

Does the technology scare us or does it fascinate us? The secret is summarized in this statement: we don’t have to adapt ourselves at the technology, rather the technology has to adapt itself to our lifestyle. If we always follow this principle, we will never take the risk of the innovation absorbing our choices and the pleasure of our experiences.

Absolute has taken this axiom in and once again can therefore be considered a pioneer in the ground of the “friendly” innovation thanks to the use of the “EmpirBus” technology: a home automation system integrated in Garmin displays, studied to make the wishes of the most demanding owners. A completely connected boat, that can adapt herself to the lifestyle of her owner, thanks to the integration with the multifunction displays: EmpirBus makes it possible to fully control the yacht and enjoying even more the time spent on board.

The Navetta 48 has been the first creation to implement this highly developed technological system. You can find it, in a developed and extended version, also on board the 62 Fly, the most recent creation of the shipyard – launched during the recent Boot Düsseldorf 2019.

The Navetta 48 has revolutionized the yachting world: she made quite an impression not only thanks to the new EmpirBus technology, but also through the elegant color coordination, the uninterrupted panorama and the inner spaces’ airiness. She gives a feeling of being on a bigger yacht compared to the real dimensions, since every inch is fully optimized. Here “space” and “light” merge into an harmonious union, becoming a new single concept, thanks to the support of the “friendly” technology.

The areas dedicated to the life on board benefit from an absolute comfort ensured by state-of-the-art technologies and increasingly bright, functional and eclectic spaces.

This will ensure the possibility of offering to the present and future owner a new experience, integrated and above all unique… to use a single adjective, not random at all, “absolute”.

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