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The right choice

Both the inner and the outer spaces aim for your complete satisfaction, giving you what you desire the most: luxury, beauty and innovation. All in one number: 56.

It’s possible to enter directly the crew cabin from the platform and, while you’re doing so, you can enjoy an additional sunbed. Right below it, there is a window: its line as curvy as a wave gives the boat a touch of lively modernity.

Incredible design

The main deck proudly holds the light, elegance, and design typical of the Absolute boats; the “open space” kitchen, together with a comfortable couch for meals, creates a large and welcoming salon area, where your group can live together the Absolute 56 experience. In addition to the large double bed, the windows and the sofa, the master’s cabin has a wide, full-functional and en suite toilet. But the boat owner is not the only one that can benefit from advantages, of course; guests can count on two wide cabins, one of which equipped with another double bed, and the other one supplied with two single beds.

«El mar es un antiguo lenguaje
que ya no alcanzo a descifrar»
Jorge Luis Borges

Technical specification

Total length

(m) 16,65

(ft) 54 04


(m) 4,65

(ft) 15 03

Max. persons capacity


Fresh water tank capacity

(l) 560

(gal) 148

Fuel tanks capacity

(l) 1.700

(gal) 449

Fuel tanks for bigger engines

(l) 1.900

(gal) 502

CE Type-approval




2×D6-IPS600 (2×320 Kw-2×435 HP) Diesel

Cruising speed

(Knots) 23 aprox.

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/miles) 5,60 aprox.

(gal/miles) 129 aprox.

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/h) 1,48 aprox.

(gal/h) 34,13 aprox.



2×D11-IPS800 (2×460 Kw-2×625 HP) Diesel

Cruising speed

(Knots) 27 aprox.27

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/miles) 6,1 aprox.

(gal/miles) 164 aprox.

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/h) 1,61 aprox.

(gal/h) 43,33 aprox.

Technical features

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