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Absolute 43 FLY

The Absolute Motor yacht Fly range is including the Absolute 43 Fly model since the beginning: a balance of space and comfort, style and glamour, performance and safety, have made this model the ‘bestseller’ between Absolute fly firm in the last seasons. Characteristic of Absolute is to gain important heights and comfortable spaces on a human scale. In fact, the boat is developed in 13,35 mt of length and 4,15 mt of width: within these sufficiently contained dimensions to guarantee total autonomy of management from the Ship-Owner, the spaces offered in main deck, on the bridge upper and lower deck are amazing.

As soon as on board is easy to appreciate the cosy cockpit, where the stern sofa is integrated with the sun dress: the folding backrests are easy transformed in headrest to completion of the sun bed stern, comfortable for 3 people. The sliding glass door access to the accommodation enhances the elegance of the living room, furnished with a large sofa set around the dining table with variable geometry and turned into fourth bed, a cabinet with retractable television, and large windows that bring out the simple lines of furniture with the pleasant sensation of free and open vision to seascape.

The steering console with digital panels show the technology that Absolute has equipped this boat. A practical galley with electric household appliances is present on the left side, when getting down from the stairs accessing to the lower deck, which houses a good 3 cabins and 2 toilets complete with separate showers. The ship-owner can enjoy a bow cabin with its private toilet and shower box.

The spaces used for the 2 aft guest cabins, provided with wide windows, are stunningly broad. One cabin is furnished with 2 flanked single beds, which can be easily accessed, while the other cabin is provided with a wide double bed. Comfort is the key word for this Absolute boat. The fly-bridge area is equipped with a wide sofa and a dining table, as well as a sunbathing area towards bow. Sun lovers can also enjoy a sunbathing area with adjusting backs at the bow of the boat All the amenities are previewed on the Absolute 43 Fly; it is possible to install hydraulic platform and footbridge on board, barbecue and refrigerator, air conditioning in Tropical or Mediterranean version, and a range of multimedia accessories for the amusement of the whole crew

In the wake of the Absolute philosophy concerning energy savings and state-of-the-art technology, this boat is being equipped with 2 Volvo Penta IPS500 or IPS600 engines. The Swedish system of propulsion, transmission and government are implemented across the Absolute range, and here they find their full expression: the hull design is born already optimizing all the dynamic aspects (performance, low consumption, no vibration, noise very attenuated), static (stability at anchor, balanced weights), structural (strength and durability of laminate hull and planking), and functional (ease of operation, fast response of the government, absent or reduced need for the bow propeller). The resulting benefits are immediately appreciated by the Ship-Owner not only when is the console, but when the guests staying in the two aft cabins, made so capacious also for the particular configuration of the engine room. Moreover, thanks to semi-industrial production process, all the structures of Absolute boats are inspected.

This involves a higher cost of design and construction for the yard and a value added to the finished product: during navigation in fact hidden all plants are accessible for inspection without the need for invasive interventions that are much more onerous for the owner. In the last 15 years boating was very industrialized ensuring the production of large numbers in a short time with a net reduction in costs, but with weaker structures and lower quality. The keys to success of the Absolute 43Fly is in right combination of features described above. On the one hand, the attractive ease of use, which is expressed in maneuverability, sea keeping, economy operating, instant accessibility for routine maintenance, cleanliness and promptness in periodically operations. On the other hand, the pleasant of external and internal spaces, which allow the Ship-Owner, his loved ones and guests to share a relaxing nautical experience, in the short weekend as well as the longest in the summer cruises..

Technical specification

Total length

(m) 13,65

(ft) 44 09"


(m) 4,15

(ft) 13 07"

Max. persons capacity


Fresh water tank capacity

(l) 320

(gal) 84,54

Fuel tanks capacity

(l) 1.100

(gal) 290,59

CE Type-approval








Cruising speed

(Knots) about 27

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/miles) about 3,8

(gal/miles) about 105

Technical features

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