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Cannes Yachting Festival 2018

September 21, 2018


The Yachting Festival Cannes 2018, one of the foremost international events of the nautical world, taking place in the pearl of the Cote d’Azur from 11th to 16th September, has just ended.

The Absolute quality has immediately stood out, among the 542 exhibitors, thanks to the presence of 9 boats of its outstanding range: 50 Fly, 52 Fly, 58 Fly, 60 Fly, 72 Fly, Navetta 48, Navetta 52, Navetta 58 e Navetta 73.

The result has been very positive: so many international visitors had the chance to experience the concrete excellence of the Absolute “Made in Italy” that comes to life in the shipyard and that benefits from the support of a tight-knit and united sales network coming from all over the world.

The curious eyes of many owners and nautical experts have been moving along the docks of the French city; Absolute offered them absolute experiences, including the strongest one, the launch of the Navetta 48.
The long-awaited debut of this model has perfectly met the expectations, being a source of amazement thanks to its revolutionary concept of “living” on board, where “space-and-light” merge, becoming one single word a real comfort experience.

In just 48 feet, Absolute has successfully gone beyond the design and building limits existing so far. In fact, visitors had the chance to realize that this nautical masterwork offers a great habitability enviable to boats of bigger dimensions than the Navetta 48.

The astonishment raised by the discovering of unbelievably bright, wide, functional and eclectic spaces, both inside and outside, has been one of the most interesting features for the visitors.

Now that the great nautical events’ season is open, we can only wait for further Absolute surprises.


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