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Absolute has realized an exclusive and refined 56 feet, evolution in an already important range, for the line, model and innovation, confirming his family feeling. In particularly its soft lines but with a net design, and the characteristic side with diamond surfaces are perfectly exalted in this yacht.

The style of Absolute 56 Sport Cruiser arises from the Research and Development Lab of the shipyard. The superstructure has got a really aggressive ensemble, thanks to the single details, that characterizes it, and from racy lines well connected between them. The boat presents a high line of gunwale, characterized with a many portholes and purposely realized windows and dimensioned to obtain the maximum light in the inner spaces that well integrates with the totality of the design. The cockpit has been studied to offer an outstanding comfort and great surfaces on the open air. The sun deck in the centre of the stern for 4 person hides a garage that could lodge a classic tender or in alternative a jetsky or a jet rib, that thanks to an easy opening that becomes lifting the garage trapdoor, could be hauled directly into the water, taken it on the sides thanks to the lateral platform sections, that contrarily remains settled.

The stern platform is easily reachable from the cockpit by the two lateral access. The stern zone at the shelter of the Hard Top has been made with a circular sofa and a central extendable table, a precious plus for dinners and fresh drinks. On a side a service furniture equipped of several comforts, whom a foldaway LCD television. The side windows, that wraps the cockpit, are really wide and with a futuristic design, realized with a wise mix of lines and in the mean time well marked, that allows, to who is comfortably seated to have a view also of the panorama a side of the yacht. The driver position is placed beside a comfortable chaise longue that becomes an easy sundeck zone with opened Hard Top or a practice and comfortable sitting. The helm position is equipped with a really painstaking dashboard that permits to handle the yacht in a simple way and thanks to the functional and ergonomic disposition of the controls, as a GPS plotter of wide dimensions placed in the front of the drive. The Research and Development Lab has worked with a determinate way to research boating solutions that doesn’€™t accept compromises, particular attention has been given to the ergonomics and esthetic so that they can coexist and that Hard Top is not a normal sunroof more or less showy, that carries completely its cover role, that open doesn’€™t alter the philosophy of an open yacht, allowing a perfect aeration in the cockpit unique of its kind. The driver seat is electrically adjustable and the correct position of the rudder are a guarantee for a comfortable drive in all the situations, as the position of the superior vertical rod of the windscreen grants the maximum visibility. The bow deck has a rather narrowed trend that demotes gently till the technical of the anchor chain peak. Created on the surface you can find the classic sundeck area well protected from the handrail, all the deck has been realized with an anti-slip surface: Absolute has well designed , with aggressive and winning lines, also this! keeping in consideration the absolute security for the movements on the same deck.

This research work has generated airy and sober spaces with a completely different style, minimalism and modern, in which also the light plays an essential role on the perception of the forms. In fact the windows enlarge the sensation to observe a not common yacht destined to distinguish in its segment. You arrive on the living zone from the cockpit with extreme facility: few stairs joins the cockpit at the interior. The fitting foresees three cabins, of which one full beam, two bathrooms, one kitchen with generous dimensions suited to fit a dish washer and a big sofa that result to be a big veranda on the sea exalted form the wideness of the windows, faced by a big television.

The bathrooms are made by wooden elements and a crystal sink enriched by Bisanza mosaic covered walls. The applied design on the interiors is really painstaking whole, to give absolute function of the full availability of the disposal space, in each cabins. The refinement and fineness of the interiors is due to a wise mix of design together with precious materials and tissues. The careful use of wooden coatings gives a warm mark in the middle of cold natured elements as glass, steel Aiming to exalt the men passion for the challenges where the human person must be supported by the technological perfection and innovation.

Technical specification

Total length

(m) 16,80

(ft) 55 01"


(m) 4,65

(ft) 15 03"

Max. persons capacity


Fresh water tank capacity

(l) 500

(gal) 132,09

Fuel tanks capacity

(l) 1.600

(gal) 422,67

Fuel tanks for bigger engines

(l) 1.800

(gal) 475,51

CE Type-approval




2×D6-IPS600 (2×320 kW - 2×435 HP) Diesel

Cruising speed

(Knots) 26 aprox.

Fuel consumption at cruising speed

(l/miles) 4,0 aprox.

(gal/miles) 106 aprox.



3×D6-IPS600 (3×320 kW - 3×435 HP) Diesel

Technical features

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