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Navetta 58: harmony of forms, intelligence of spaces

Solidity, harmony, strength, and grandeur at your fingertips. Welcome aboard the Absolute Navetta 58!

Discover the pleasure of sailing on a large yacht, always in control, always totally safe. Avoid sacrificing the exclusivity of Italian design and all the features that make you feel at home.

Large and well-finished surfaces, frameless windows, and great livability: at one with the sea.

Comfort and performance, without compromise.

Aboard the Navetta 58, the spaces and volumes are designed with pragmatism and versatility, offering all guests the maximum livability possible.

In the large flybridge, a central and panoramic command position, a pleasant bar, a dining table with two sofas, and a terrace are intelligently positioned. The bow area boasts an enviable sun deck, always accessible in total safety thanks to wide side passages and comfortable handrails.

Finely furnished and equipped, the living room, cockpit, and kitchen are perfect for a life on board without sacrifices. Furthermore, the control station is ergonomic and offers wide visibility, with no central struts on the windshield.

The lower deck includes two double cabins with wide frameless glass windows, spacious closets, comfortable and elegant bathrooms, and refined furniture with high-quality materials. Finally, the third cabin is double, with its bathroom and sliding doors.

Enjoy life on board to the fullest!

Technical specification

Total length

(m) 17,42

(ft) 57 2"


(m) 5,04

(ft) 16 6"

Max. persons capacity


Fresh water tank capacity

(l) 650

(gal) 171,71

Fuel tanks capacity

(l) 2.400

(gal) 634,03

CE Type-approval


2xD8-IPS700 (2x405 Kw)


2xD8-IPS700 (2x405 Kw)




Technical features

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