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The method


The Made in Italy quality is one of the distinguishing hallmarks of the exclusive Absolute design, entirely conceived by Sergio Maggi and his team.
Any motoryacht they create is a product of sophistication and beauty, versatility and uncompromising functionality: quality touch in finishes, ergonomic and maximum space optimization, first-rate materials, spacious and comfortable cabins, easy maneuverability, innovative solutions down to the last detail.

One of the most evolved production systems in the world is the absolute key to success.


Absolute has one of the most evolved shipyards in the world, equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology along with advanced 3D modeling systems.
The Absolute founders’ deep knowledge of nautical construction techniques has created a state-of-the-art, unique and innovative work processes to integrate all the activities in only one efficient and optimized system for each stage in the construction chain called Integrated Structural System (ISS).                

Absolute luxury yachts feature a strong fiberglass structure, reinforced with a multidimensional grid covering the entire length and beam of the hull. All the wooden floors, ceilings and bulkheads are affixed with fiberglass supports to create a uniquely strong structure which guarantees the highest level of structural integrity and resistance to the elements. Moreover, the shipyard in Piacenza has been a pioneer in implementing Volvo’s IPS propulsion system, which guarantees the best performance and efficiency combined with low levels of noise, vibrations, emissions and consumption.
Ecological motivation and the respect for the environment are behind the adopted reasoning of the shipyard in Piacenza.


Absolute luxury yachts are designed to guarantee easy preventive maintenance of all the constructive and functional elements and flawless servicing.                  
All the boats components are easily accessible and can be removed non-invasively so that the construction integrity is never compromised.